• St Lawrence Seaway

St Lawrence Seaway


We were convinced we were goinig to need to cancel this trip - as many of you know our origional trip to the seaway was scheduled to depart from Brockville, with Covid19 we were unable to cross the Canadian Border.  We were able to find a charter company to take us out of A-Bay in Upstate New York.  Please see below for all of the details of the trip.  Currently we believe that our September charter will still happen!

Starting from

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From our oritional trip a few things have changed:

1. Our total capacity is 8, this leaves 6 spots for customers
2. There will be no Shore dive - but we will be diving more (Plan still being built)
3. Nitrox is NOT availiable with the boat we are using.  Jerra and I will be going to the local dive shop for custom mixes - if you want nitrox you can as well - but it is not included in this course.  I can fill Nitrox at the shop if needed. 

Here is where we will be staying: 



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